resposes to themes

Salvation in Lies

This is one of the main themes because this theme is used in the religion bokononism that is made, it is based on lies and the leader says that it is based on lies but yet he encourages people to follow. They follow the lies in salvation of not knowing why they follow lies. Religion is beneficial and not because it conveys some truth and honesty about the world, but rather because it gives people elaborate lies in which to believe about what he says is not the truth but whose to know that what he says isn’t the truth then who knows if it really all is a lie.

The Futility of Human Pursuits

            Bokonon bases his beliefs that the human pursuit is all wrong and that it doesn’t exist, but bokonon based his creation of this religion as a human pursuit looked at from others. He the human pursuit to bokononism was so pointless and such a waste of time and when things went hard they then noticed when that what they followed didn’t follow them and help them but only to tell them to commit suicide. The futility of human pursuit in this book talks about that the creations of humanity and their attempts to convince themselves and others of the importance of their pursuits.


The Danger of Technological Advancement

            The danger of technological advancement placed them in this position of the world coming to an end because of the ice-nine and the people of that time, placed them selves in this position because of selfishness. The technological advancement in this society could lead to the destruction of the human race and destroy many things belonging to the earth because of science’s frequent disinterest in humanity’s survival in wanting to advance more and more in society causing technology that’s able to do these things to the people and the earth. The government is to blame for many of the problems in the book because they placed these things in his laboratory and basically made him make these things that could destroy man kind it self.

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4-27 essay

Chris Paljusevic

Strange Lit

Ms. Stillwell

July 27, 2010

Bokononism and its Beliefs

            In the Cats cradle, written by Kurt Vonnegut, Bokononism is the belief of a group of people that believe in certain things and don’t believe in the truth but only to make up lies and tell people things that aren’t true. Bokononism falls under the categories of being useless, it was made up by a man that made everything a lie and didn’t believe in telling the truth. Other religions are based on books and have followers that believe in that religion.

            First off, Bokononism is looked at as useless to others and had no point. It was made up of all lies and based on the words of a man who called himself Bokonon. It is useless because it has no point, its followers follow the lies it’s made up of and believe in it. The leader of bokononism says that this belief is based up on lies, but how are people meant to follow a religion that they don’t know if it’s even true that the religion is based on lies and maybe based on the truth and they really don’t know. This belief is confusing because no one knows what to follow, the truth being a lie or the lies being the truth. The statements are all false, so how does one follow a religion that is based on all lies told by the leader.

            Following up on the bokononism religion, they base there religion on a man, they have a self proclaimed god. They don’t know if it exists, or if it’s real because of the religion being based up on lies. They follow a god they don’t know if it’s real or it’s a lie like the religion they follow. How could someone follow a religion and the man of leadership has done nothing in the world to make it a better place or has done nothing for its people to make them better and believe better. The belief in this religion is also considered illegal in San Lorenzo and followers could be arrested, so ask your self this question, who could follow a religion that could get you in trouble and not have a purpose to follow it.

            Last but not least of my reasoning of disbelief in this religion, is that it says Bokononism is that all human pursuits are useless, how could that be said when the religion it self is based on human pursuit. It’s based on the pursuit of humans starting this religion but yet they believe and say that human pursuit is useless, it makes no sense too many people how a religion like this could take the movement it took. The leader of bokononism said him self that this religion is useless but yet people still continue to follow it and believe in it. How could such words and ideas make any sense? But just to call it all non sense.

            In conclusion to this belief and idea of religion is that it is all based on lies, and no one should follow lies because it will take you no where. It is bad for the human pursuit to even try and follow. This religion is better to leave as is and let the people follow it if they chose because they won’t have a point in life if they follow lies and a religion that is useless.

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7-26 Cat’s Cradle chapters 36-77

  • You are one of the Hoenikker children. Your father’s invention has been used in war. Millions have died. How do you feel?


If my father was the inventor of weapons used in the war that killed many, I would feel that people would not trust me because of who my father was, and I think they would think that I would be just like him and want money over the life of the people and they wouldn’t trust me. My feeling on that my father did these things is very hurtful and very distrusting of my father. If he could have the heart to make things that killed many people, then how would he be for anything else that involved people? Would be not afraid to kill someone innocent, I would be scared for anyone’s life that he didn’t care for in his heart.

  • Angela Hoenikker is suddenly left motherless. She also has the responsibility for caring for her younger brothers, one of them an infant. What thoughts do you think are going through her head?


If I was Angela Hoenikker and I was left motherless and had to take care of my other siblings, it would tear me apart and make me think about life and how pretty much it would be over after this. I would have to prepare my self for my life to be inside that house for most of my life. I would have to learn how to cook and clean at a much more mature level and be ready for the kids to get sick or when the infant has to go to the bath room to be able to train to use the bathroom. My life would turn around and go the opposite direction completely and it would be so different and it would make me sad and unhappy about my life.

  • The elevator operator, Lyman Knowles, is described as being clearly crazy. What is the difference between being mentally ill and being mentally challenged or having a learning disability?


The difference from being mentally ill and having learning disabilities is that when your mentally ill or challenged, u cant help your self and to doing things or not understanding things or just not excepting things into your mind as they are and turning it into something else. They are people who are unable to do things on there own and may suffer from how they speak or listen to things. Then with learning disorders, it impedes the ability to learn, especially one that interferes with the ability to learn mathematics or develop language skills. It also is a disorder found in children of normal intelligence who have difficulties in learning specific skills

  • Lionel Boyd Johnson starts his own religion. If you were to start your own religion with yourself as a god, what would your religion be like?

If I was Lionel Boyd Johnson and I started my own religion, I would make it as peaceful and respectful as can be. I would make a main holiday on September 30th, for everyone not to work and celebrate this holiday all as one. I would have it for if you committed something unmoral and in the harm of someone, you would get punished on how bad the thing was. I would make it where everyone could go to the church if they feel they have to praise our lord and to get together on Sundays to relax and take a day off for family and church and friends.

  • Bokonon built his religion on lies. Is there every a right time to lie? Is there ever a wrong time to tell the truth?


There is only a right time to lie is when it is to try and make someone feel better then tell them the truth when the times rite but to lie isn’t good when it isn’t needed such as making up a religion and saying things you feel like saying to make a point but the information is false. The right time to tell the truth, always has its time and it always has its time to say what needs to be said and when things are told truthfully, the outcome most of the time turns out better when its not lied.

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Responses to questions

The Author & Her Craft

Why is Kindred written in Dana’s voice (first person)?

Because the story is best told from her perspective. She explains the details and how the slaves lived and how the people of that era felt about her. She was able to show us perspective from every point in the story and from everyone. If it was Rufus he wouldn’t give a good perspective about slavery or about Dana and how she had to take care of her self from Mr. Wyler and his people.

Why do you think the author found it necessary to use a modern narrator to tell the story instead of having it all set in the past?

The author found it necessary to use a present person instead of a person from the past because, she was able to see how it was for her to experience slavery and we can understand it a lot better because she able to show it in a point of view we could simulate to. If it was told in a persons point of view from back then, the whole slavery thing would be natural to them and it would seem like an every day thing but it would still show the heart aches it’s caused those people and the misery. That’s why the story is told by a person from the present day.

Characters & Motivation

What role does Rufus’s mother have in the formation of his character, and is Rufus strongly influenced by her?

She is an issue to why Rufus is not able to see Dana as much; she acquires them while Dana tutors Rufus and bothers him while Dana will be giving a lesson. She can control a lot of the things he does and if he would be able to get tutored by her. He is not strongly influenced by her only because, he’s starting to get older and he is starting to see how his mother is with him and Dana and in one of the events, Dana is tutoring Rufus and she begins to ask him questions and asking him pointless things that don’t relate. When this happed he couldn’t handle it any more, he looses his mind and goes off on his mother and tells her to leave him alone and such things.

What are your own reactions to Rufus and his actions as he grows into a man?

My reactions to Rufus growing into a man is that he is starting to realize how life really is and that how the life his parents live isn’t the way to go on with life and that becoming older he is growing more and more unlike his family. He is starting to see how life is grown into from a African Americans view and a white persons view.

Issues & Themes

What are the benefits of learning about our individual and collective past—even if the process is difficult or painful?

The benefits about learning from the individual and collective past are that you get to see how life was grown into for the young and the old. You can see how the way things were done back then would not be considered normal to others now days. You get to see how the past events affected the way things are today about racism and the respect of the human kind.

Abusive behavior occurs throughout the book and is assumed by the police investigating Dana’s injury. In what ways does this novel address or illuminate issues of domestic violence?

From the Police accusing Danas husband Kevin about her arm to them wondering where all the injuries came from. This books shows violence coming from the slavery era they went into from the violence Mr. Wyler showed towards his family did not much differ to how he treated his slaves. The police try to seek the truth about Danas arm and how it happen and try to turn it into that her husband Kevin did it and trying to accuse him of it and trying to make her feel pressured about it.

Speculative Questions

How would the story be different if Kevin were black?

If he were black, he would have to do slave work such as working in the plantation and working in the farms. He would get whipped like the other slaves as well. but most important, when Dana goes to sleep with him at night, she would not be able because he wouldn’t have the luxury of sleeping in a room and when she would walk out she would not have been given a pass from Mr. Wyler, he would have beat her and then beat him if he seen them together in the same room.

How would the novel have worked if the narration had been written from a different character’s point of view?

If the novel was written by another person in the book such Rufus, all the racial things that happened would not have been looked at as bad because coming from a white person. The situations such as when they dragged Alice’s father with the horse, that would not have been as well described or shown any affection if it was told by Rufus even though he likes Dana.

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On page 70, Dana discovers why no one in the past (except for Rufus) seems to like or trust her. What does she discover? Could something like this ever happen today? Explain.

 When Dana first met Rufus, she was saving him from drowning in the river, and saved his life. He did not know her as well as she seemed to know him but the second time in, he started to remember but he said she was in his dreams. Rufus likes Dana the most out of the people because Dana keeps coming back to Rufus and helps him every time she comes. She helped him from the river, and the second time she helped him put out the fire from the house,  when he fell out the tree she came and help to comfort him in time of need and that’s why he seems to appreciate her with the most. The reason why the others do not appreciate her as much is because she is talks more of a white person would talk and she dressed very much different from other African Americans would dress during that time. She was also able to read and write and none of the others seemed to know how to do any of that. That’s why they all disliked her more and more as they began to know her. In today’s time in age, this would not happen, it would be more common then odd to everyone because women began to dress more comfortable and women and men are all at the point of reading and writing when there little kids. Things that happened back then such as slavery and people not knowing how to read and write, were common then but if you don’t read and write today are looked at weird and most know how to read and write by there five years old.  Things such as slavery is not even thought of as being in today’s age but people still look to racist remarks as live by and call people of.

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In what ways does time travelling lead Dana to experiences the likes of which she has never had and act in ways that she would never believe herself capable of?


When she would go back in time to go help Rufus, she realized how life was there and back at home. She saw how to cherish life more and understand if it was not for these people during slavery to change things around, she could have been in slavery to. She likes that she is able to connect with these people around her that she is helping and others that are helping her. she Thought about life when she got back home and thought hard with her husband to how easy they have it unlike there ancestors and what they had to go through being a slave during that time period. When she went back the third time, she was not as scared as she was the first or second time, she was so frightened the first couple times because she was not prepared. When her husband Kevin fixed her the bag her she wasn’t as scared to go in the third time because she knew some people and she went in prepared. When she went in she never thought she would have to protect her the way she did, they put more fear into her heart and mind that shed never been as scared before in her life. This caused her to have to protect her self the way she did and defend her self the way she did. She liked to feel some what of comfort in her self when she went in and she liked that she was able to. When she seen the things she did such as the slaves getting beaten or how the way the slaves were treated, she liked to feel safe as she went in knowing she can some what defend her self the best way she could.

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When Dana returns home the second time, what precautions are taken in case she time travels again? What additional precaustions might you have taken?

  When she returns home the second time, she was scared from being attacked by a patrolman of slaves. It frightened her so much, her husband Kevin set up a some things for her to be able to survive better with. He gave her a bag for her to take with her along with a rope tied to it. The bag contained a pair of pants, a blouse, underclothing, a sweater, shoes, and a switchblade. He gave her the switchblade for protection just in case she got attacked again. The cloths and stuff were given to her to have cloths to change into and to go along with the others around her. He set all these things up while she was sleeping just in case she left in her sleep. When she woke up she saw the bag, she had on a old flannel nightgown so she would look more in that time of age. He told her to be careful and if she is in harms way she can use the objects he gave her in the bag. If I was in a situation such as this, I would have done the same thing. I would have set up a bag that could help me in times in need and to have cloths on that could help me blend in with the rest of the time periods people. Some other percussions that I would have taken would to not use other people’s names to not get them in trouble or involve them in anything. I would try to stay more hidden from others so people could not notice her so she would not have to worry about anything such as having to protect my self or to have to blend in with the rest of the people.

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first respose to Kindred

When I first started to read kindred written by Octavia Butler, my first impression was not what I thought about the prologue. It surprised me completely. In the beginning when she was saving the little boy from dying. After she saved him the shot-gun came to her head and I wondered why she would be killed for saving a little boys life. When that all passed, she woke up in her living room very confused and scared. Her husband got frightened when he turned around to see her on the opposite side of the room from only about 15 second. He wanted to know how and why she done that and she didn’t understand how or why it happened either. My response to this is that how it could happen could she be able to travel time or could she be super natural and be able to go and save this boy. I thought more that she was more super natural because she was able to disappear as if it was nothing out of her own control just to go help the little boy from drowning in the river, after she pulled him out, she was accused by the mother of killing him but ends up saving him, then seconds later, having a shot gun pointed at her head about to get killed. When she got back and then the next time she about to travel through to the boy again. I was lost on why she kept going back to this boy and she didn’t even have control over it. She traveled in time to when he was older but she was still in the same time. My mind kept running back and forth to why she had no control over why she was going back to this boy. She didn’t know when it was going to happen except for when it would happen right then and there. When they were having dinner at the dinner table she began to feel ill and began to feel that it was going to happen again. She then went and sat down and sort of waited for it to happen again, she was scared and didn’t know for sure if it was going to happen but she got scared anyway. Her husband Kevin began to try and comfort her and say it was not going to happen again but shortly after, it happened to her. She went to the boy and he was older. She didn’t know if the boy remembered her or no. she asked him if she remembered him but he began to remember but he said she was in a dream of his. After all this, she went to the boys house and to find out he set it on fire. She put the fire out for him when she saw it. This all connected together to why she was being sent to this kid, she was being sent to save him from things he’s done wrong. In the quote “‘I don’t have a name for the thing that happened to me, but I don’t feel safe any more.’”, she doesn’t know weather or not she could get killed in the next passage or not, she doesn’t know how she could have to save Rufus next time, it could risk her life in many ways.

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Knowing about types books

My knowledge about Mystery, Science, Fiction, Fantasy, and Horor are that they are more serious type of books. they got you sitting on the edge of your seat to want more of it or to be scared in some sort of way.

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all about me

My name is Chris, im a real laid back type of kid, I like playing basketball and football. My nationality is Albanian. I hang out with my friends alot. I wnjoy doing things that make a challenge for me.
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